Investigation of urban parking facilities in various countries

In the world, many big cities face parking difficulties.How do big cities build parking lots to solve parking problems?

In the UK, can see a lot of double way on the road during the day, in the middle of the road on both sides of the yellow line, with oblique has always been the direction of the car you, and marked parking time limit.The usual lane is the usual driveway, just like any other road.And in the evening time, I saw the parking space, all kinds of household vehicles parked at a draught, only the side of the road by building on the side of the road for the traffic.This method satisfies both the urban and night parking requirements, and the problem of not building too many parking lots in urban areas.In the morning, the cars stopped in the middle of the road and drove off on time.In day time in the evening, single-channel driving enough to meet the need of traffic, such as when a fire emergency, also won't because it parked the car by the roadside and hinder evacuation and firefighters rescue.

In Japan, is introduced in the early 1960 s the parking rules and regulations, and rules all vehicle owners must have proof of outside road parking garages, arouse the enthusiasm of private capital participate in the construction of road outside in the parking lot, the road outside the parking supply greatly increased.

In Europe, the problem of parking problems is mainly the policy of differential supply and differential economic regulation.In the developed areas of public transport, the government is not allowed to provide parking Spaces.Instead of encouraging ordinary people to use cars as the main means of transportation, the government has solved the parking problem by giving preferential policies to curb the use of cars.

In South Korea, it is clear that the unit is not allowed to provide parking Spaces to employees to encourage public transport.

In the us, most of the city management, attaches great importance to business and residential parking space arrangement and management, especially in the new urban area, the area of the parking lot is through precise calculation and can be parked quantity, including not only the biggest freight turnover space and accommodate customer traffic, set aside the unimpeded in the event of disaster evacuation passageway and save space.The special parking lot in the United States is self-pricing, and the government does not interfere, and the only requirement is a sticker price at the entrance to the parking lot.Temporary parking charges are highest.More than 24 hours of parking is a relatively low price.After closing, these parking lots will be rented to avoid the empty night. The price is not high, the condition is to leave before the store is open.Roadside parking must be billed during the day.For the convenience of parking in the evening, it is usually stipulated that there is a certain amount of time in the evening and no more time for parking.In the brookland area of Boston, cars are not allowed to spend the night in the road, nor are they allowed to occupy sidewalks, and not to plug the store's door.

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