The status of the 3d garage

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 Japan, has a history of nearly 30 ~ 40 years, no matter in technology or have already succeeded in experience.In the early 1990s, we started researching and developing mechanical and three-dimensional parking equipment, which has been in the process for nearly two decades.Since many newly built inside the village resident parking Spaces and the ratio of 1:1, in order to solve the parking space covers an area of commercial area and residents, the contradiction of the mechanical three-dimensional parking equipment with its unique characteristics of average bike cover an area of an area small, has been accepted by the masses of users.

As people's living standards improve, more and more people buy private cars.It has a major impact on the transportation and environment of the city.And the emergence of parking problems has brought huge business opportunities and vast markets to the machinery parking equipment industry.At the time of this opportunity and competition, China's mechanical parking equipment industry will enter the stage of stable development from the rapid development stage.The future market is huge, but the demand for products, will grow up to two extremes: one extreme is the extreme price, low price market needed a lot of mechanical parking equipment, it as long as able to achieve the purpose of increase parking space, can guarantee the most basic performance, to occupy the market price advantage, this part of the market share is expected to reach 70% 80%;The other extreme is the extreme of technology and performance, requiring the parking equipment to have superior performance, convenient operation, and quick access speed.Through mechanical parking equipment at home and abroad to use the experience summary, can be found that people in the use of mechanical parking equipment access to the car, after is first access car speed, waiting time and convenience.In addition, the future of mechanical parking equipment market, will pay more attention to perfect after-sales service system, remote monitoring system, remote fault processing system will be the target of the user.With China's sustained and rapid economic development, the improvement of the urban planning, mechanical parking equipment industry will become a vibrant sunrise industry, mechanical parking equipment technology will also get rapid development.


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