It is not just managers who are making smart parking systems

Intelligent parking lot management system can effectively manage parking lot order, and effectively improve the parking Spaces, but also to make some rules, more people will say that this is only to management benefit, is it true?
      Believe that a lot of people are just a few years ago, parking system in the parking lot to see, along with the increasing vehicles, now many village, unit, hospital, scenic places such as inward and outward have installed intelligent parking lot system, the purpose is to people to build a comfortable and safe parking environment.Urbanization scale expands unceasingly, the number of private cars soared, for the convenience, people driving their own cars, travel, the resulting traffic congestion, parking, parking and a series of problems if not effectively resolved, a lot of problems brought by the increase in People's Daily life.
       How can intelligent parking systems solve the problems of parking?What are the benefits of installing an intelligent parking lot management system for property managers and car owners?
      First, it can ensure the safety of the owner of the vehicle parking, traditional management mode of artificial card cannot record of vehicle parking, it's easy to have a car phenomenon, and the intelligent parking lot management system, using image contrast or license plate recognition system, to move in and out of the parking lot of vehicle automatic image capture and keep records of parking, through the function of image contrast, making people more safe parking.
      Second, the system can make vehicle orderly in and out of the parking lot, parking lot and realize auto guiding function, at the same time management centre staff can through the computer display, view parking free parking and parking area, real-time understand the usage of parking in the parking lot, improve the utilization rate of parking Spaces.
      In addition, parking systems can be different in the type of vehicle in and out of the parking lot, implement different charge standard, at the same time can charge parking for period of time, improve the income of the parking lot;The system automatically calculates the parking fee and effectively guarantees the fee loopholes and the loss of funds.For special vehicles, it is possible to adopt a non-parking way, increase the speed of traffic, and give people a good environment.
      Finally, for the owner parking, from entering the parking lot to the parking lot to expend the whole parking saves administrators involved in steps, all by the intelligent parking equipment to complete, whether in the large or small never feel difficult parking in the parking lot.
      As People's Daily life, such as commuting and taking time off, there are certain rules.Parking demand will appear in a certain period of time the peak, peak traffic, vehicle multifarious, parking time each are not identical, short-term temporary parking in the majority, and large parking space is large, similar scenes and markers, not easy to tell direction, form the owners find a car difficult, intelligent parking lot management system can be very good effective to solve this problem, is a small management system of parking management system can make and cyclists can benefit, it is not very good?
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